Many courses include a class project that your students will conduct that involves interaction with humans. These projects allow your students to experience data collection on their own. Some of these class projects may involve IRB approval, but many will not. This form allows you to inform the IRB about projects  that do not require the IRB's committee's oversight of the individual projects. Do not use this form if you as a researcher are conducting research into a pedagogical technique; you will probably need to fill out the exempt research form for that. Use this form only if you are assigning an assignment to your students for them to do their own research, and you need to alert the IRB of that fact.

You only need to submit one form per course assignment. If there are multiple projects being done by different student groups under this same assignment, either describe them more generically (see the example provided on the form), or you may describe the individual projects if that seems more convenient to you. There is a question on the form to indicate how many total projects are being done within the class.

More information about the classroom project policy can be found here:

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